Scottsdale Academy

Scottsdale Academy
Scottsdale Academy

Scottsdale Academy is a locally owned and operated, accredited preschool that holds the Florida Gold Seal Quality Status. Now with two locations to better serve our young friends in Tallahassee, infants 6 weeks through Pre-Kindergarten/VPK.

The preschools offer a classroom-based, developmentally appropriate, theme-based curriculum that utilizes music, art, finger play, story time, discussions, sensory activities, logical thinking, and problem solving. The staff maximizes teachable moments for children to develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically through teaching, play experiences, interactions and a very loving and nurturing family type atmosphere. There is a comfortable routine each day for the children with an appropriate balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities.

Steps to Choosing a Quality Child Care

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I know which childcare center/preschool is right for my family?
Ask around. Do research online. Most importantly go visit. Once you have decided what type of care works best for your family’s needs (in-home, faith-based, large daycare facilities, child development centers/preschools), choose several you want to see first hand. There are many good checklists that can be referenced online, including a list of quality indicators at, to assist in your research.

Two basic elements of a site-visit that tell volumes:
Look to see if the children are happy as well as the staff.
What does the atmosphere feel like?
Most importantly go with your instinct.
Is being accredited important?
Research has shown that 90% of brain development happens within the first five years of life. A solid, quality program can be instrumental in giving your child the head start needed in today’s world. Accredited programs have been reviewed and verified by experts in the Early Childhood field. Indicators of quality are reviewed for: administration, classroom environment and licensing compliance, parent and community involvement, advocacy on behalf of children and child care, teacher credentials, training and background screening, teacher to child ratios, classroom interactions, literacy and curriculum.
What is the single most important aspect of any preschool/childcare center?
The most important aspect of any childcare facility is the quality and longevity of its staff. Constant turnover makes it difficult to create relationships between the staff, children and parents. These vitally important relationships are what allow these young children to thrive during their childcare experience.
What are different staff qualifications within this field?
Department of Children and Families 45-hour Mandatory Training Modules (Minimum Standards)
National Child Development Associate (CDA)
Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC)
Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development
Bachelors in Early Childhood Education/Child Development, Preschool Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Exceptional Student Education, Special Education, or Elementary Education with certification to teach any age birth through 6th grade
CPR Training and First Aid Certification
Work Experience — Longevity in the Field
How can I help my preschool aged child with early writing skills?
Manipulating play dough and similar activities help build the tiny muscles in preschoolers hands. It is one of many activities that help our earliest learners with their early writing skills.

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